What You Must Do When the Garage Door Does not Move

What You Must Do When the Garage Door Does not Move

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Most people have stood in front of a shut garage door, which refuses to open, at least once in their lives. No matter how many times they press the garage door clicker, the door just doesn't open. This is an awkward situation, which is basically irritating when you are in a hurry to get somewhere and might also become dangerous when you are locked out of the garage. In this case, you might wonder about the security of your car if you leave it parked outside and may be frightened yourself if it's dark. Though, the most important thing is being prepared for similar situations and knowing the basic reasons, which may cause the immobilization of the door.What You Must Do When the Garage Door Does not Move

Survival guide when the opener doesn't respond

  •  Do you know where the emergency release cord is and how does it work? You must be prepared to face the new situation without anxieties and knowing what to do and how to react will be the solution of the problem at the particular moment.
  • Is the power on? When the remote controls don't work and the wall switch doesn't work either, you should check the power. If you don't have a new opener with the backup system that can operate with batteries, you are stuck with the emergency release, but you must make sure the power is out.
  • Indeed, problems must be caused by simple reasons sometimes. Did you check the batteries of the garage opener remote? You should always keep some spare ones at home and in the car because you cannot allow yourself to be locked out of your garage due to lack of batteries.
  •  Check the right connection among the garage door opener transmitter and the opener. You might need to unplug and plug in the unit once or reprogram the device.
  •  If the opener works fine, you should check the springs, the rollers, the cables and the tracks. They are the most responsible parts for the performance of the door; if something went wrong and the cables broke or something is blocking the movement in the garage door tracks, you need to know and take care of it.

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