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Your garage doors are large and extremely heavy, and they have dozens of moving parts that can break over time or fall out of adjustment. If you have questions about your doors, check out our FAQ page for answers to most common garage door problems. And if you need service, give our qualified technicians a call.

Is it possible to change the color of my steel garage door?

Yes. Steel can be coated with another paint to use your desired color. Garage door experts in Mableton recommend using high quality latex exterior paint and mechanical mixing for best results. Choose the color that suits your home so you need not repaint frequently.

Would windows on my garage door be a security hazard?

Most windows used for garage doors are designed to be secure. Tempered and translucent glass is used. This allows natural light to enter the garage but hides the interior from being shown outside. Windows can even help with the aesthetics of your garage.

Should I lubricate my garage door tracks?

You need to be careful as some track designs can be disturbed by the application of too much or the incorrect kind of lubricant. Grease is never a good idea, as it changes form through different temperatures. A simple clean and finish with a dry cloth is usually enough.

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